Poly Mailers Bags for Sustainable Packaging and Shipping

Poly Mailers Bags for Sustainable Packaging and Shipping

July 20, 2020 0 Comments

Poly mailer bags have become the saviors for the merchants associated with online business across the world. These lightweight bags are heavier on your revenues as it reduces the shipment cost and provides the desired protection to the products enclosed. Poly mailers are much more sturdy than large or small shipping boxes and as they provide the advantage of self-sealing, so you don’t have to spend more on duct or box-sealing tapes. Although ploy mailers are thinner, transparent, and lighter, they fully serve the purpose of durability and sustainability. They also allow to affixed courier labels directly onto the transparent surfaces.

Saviors for the Online Merchants

Manufactured with the polyethylene material, these self-seal clear plastic bags are sufficiently moisture, tear, puncture, and tamper-resistant. You can get customized poly mailer bags of your own preference with the customized designs to appeal to your customers. These easy to handle translucent polythene poly mailer bags can be easily transformed into striking and spectacular iconic colorful pieces to fit into your business.


Furthermore, these poly mailers are reusable multiple times and can last consumers for a long time. The self-seal fold-over lip of these mailers provides a perfect seal for the product and also its adhesiveness lasts for a few more usages. Moreover, there is also the kind of poly mailers that comes with the dual self-seal adhesive strip that tolerates multiple reuses. Produced from recycled materials, these clear plastic bags can be easily recycled.

As the poly mailer bags are manufactured with the recycled content they are mostly referred to as #4 plastic that usually cannot be recycled in a single stream recycling plant due to the high risk of trapping of the flimsy material in the sorting equipment, that are more likely to stuck in. These clear plastic bags can be easily recycled similar to the recycling processes of the grocery and goodies bags.  

Significance of poly mailer bags has been momentously increased in recent times, especially due to the boost of eCommerce or dropshipping Shopify business. Precise selection of the packaging materials for courier or shipping the product across the city, country, or worldwide influences the real-time execution of the business plan. It chiefly influences the shipping cost and the secured arrival of the shipment that ultimately becomes a decisive factor for the successful or unsuccessful customer experience. If your customer gets miserable unboxing experience with the damaging product, it going to cost your business heavily by the loss of your valuable customers. Packaging in mailer boxes can increase the shipping costs by many cents in addition to their usual arrival in awful conditions as they are more likely to tear and damage to destroy the product.


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