Multipurpose Poly Mailers; What to Pack or What to Not

Multipurpose Poly Mailers; What to Pack or What to Not

July 27, 2020 0 Comments

With the emergence of eCommerce business and dropshipping Shopify, the significance of the poly mailer bags has been increased concomitantly. Search for the protective, durable yet cheaper eco-friendly packaging options is an overwhelming task. The right selection of packaging for the right product is a huge relief and too at a cheap cost, is a victory for your business.

Packaging selection impacts your business immensely, you need to know to figure out the ways through which you can restrict your product’s cost. It must be suitable for the shipping environmental conditions to ensure the safe and undamaged arrival of your goods or products to the doorsteps of your valuable customer.

As it says, the first impression is the last impression, the consumer’s first reaction after receiving your products can leave an unerasable mark for your business. Your packaging strategies must follow the basic shipping guidelines. Whether it is clear plastic bags or the mailer boxes, quality, and right selection for the right product matters. Poly mailer bags are the best solution for the cost-effective, eco-friendly packaging to serve your reliable services. Now the frequently asked question implies its usability. Consumers and merchants are keen to know the multipurpose usage of the poly mailer bags to make the most out of them.

 Ideal for Soft and Light Products

Poly mailer bags are the winning competitors against the mailer boxes. Even for the soft and lighter products, the small shipping boxes contain enough pounds of weight that can impact sufficiently to the overall weight of the product packaging which will have to pay by the customer or have to bear by the merchant. In either way, it influences adversely to your business. Apart from the huge benefit of eco-friendly packaging, the basic drawback of the mailer boxes lies in the high risk or box rupturing, tearing or damaging due to aggressive force or moisture that in turn can damage the product inside. For the softer and lighter products like fabrics, stuff toys, art, and prints or the junk food items, poly mailers are the most suitable packaging options.

 Packaging Product with Little Extra Care

Some products that are like to be fragile or delicate can also be packaged using the poly mailer bags to avoid extra weights of the mailer boxes. As these delicate products like shoes, jewelry, hats, toys or decorative pieces can be easily damaged due to the overloading or overcrowding, the risk of damage can be minimized by applying extra caring measures to protect the products. These measures may include wrapping or stuffing the products using packaging papers, newspapers, padding cushions, bubbles, or identical stuff. Cushioning or padding the items like shoes or hats can also be beneficial to retain their shape and design details.

Right Size Mailer for The Product

As the poly mailers come in varying sizes, the right size of the poly mailer bags is requisite for the product to perfectly fit in. The shipping process involved many machining and scanning processes with a lot of shipping products being sorted and scanned. The insufficiently filled poly mailers can lead to the scanning misreading or other errors that can result in the delay in the shipping and delivery time. On the other hand, packaging small products in the large poly mailer or vice versa can consequence in damaging the product. Your product should be perfectly fit in the poly mailer bags to ensure product safety during the shipping until the delivery time.   

Keep analyzing your product and the poly mailer bags options to find the best combination of the successful shipping experience and pleasing customer feedback.

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